(Scene opens in Barry's lab with Barry doing work on a tablet, when the girls walk in)

Barry (still looking at tablet): Busy, go away.

Shelby and Cyd: But you didn't even hear what we had to say!

Naldo (popping up from beneath the table with a screwdriver): He's reconstructed the laser to take him to Stockholm.

Shelby and Cyd: What!?

Cyd: Barry, you know what happened last time.

Shelby: Yeah, we got turned into ghosts.

Barry: As-

Naldo, Shelby, and Cyd (interrupting mockingly): if.

Barry: Exactly. I rest my case.

Shelby: Anyway, I was talking with my mom, and guess what?

Barry: Something I don't care about?

Cyd (shoving Barry): Her great something-grandma was on the R.M.S. Titanic. And when I talked to my dad on the phone, he told me that one of my great